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Implementation of all our ideas and plans is impossible without a single close-knit team.

Each employee makes an invaluable contribution to creating quality products.

Every day we strive to become closer to our customers, professionally performing our work.

Together we can make this world a happier place.

Team | Dubberai
Ivan Chernyshov | Dubberai

Ivan Chernyshov


  • Started his business by making bath whisks in a cold garage for 2 years
  • Has been fond of chess since childhood and wants to play a game with Magnus Carlsen
  • Likes traveling and dreams of traveling all over Russia in the company of friends
Aleksey Veretennikov | Dubberai

Aleksey Veretennikov

Sales Manager

  • A lover of fragrant herbal bath
  • Wanted to become a surgeon, but eventually graduated with honors from a pedagogical institute
  • On holidays and corporate parties, an accordion and a guitar are the instruments he always keeps at hand
Vladimir Chernyshov | Dubberai

Vladimir Chernyshov

Supply Manager

  • Knows 148 swear words, allowing to increase production indicators three times
  • Is fond of beekeeping and has his own apiary
  • Was born in a village that is no longer on the map
Marina Perevoschikova | Dubberai

Marina Perevoschikova


  • Can make a quality whisk from any shapeless bunch of twigs
  • Stayed at work all night to fulfill all orders on time
  • Dreams togo to France by air, but is terribly afraid of airplanes
Olga Chernyshova | Dubberai

Olga Chernyshova

Whisk Maker

  • Takes up making only exclusive premium-class whisks
  • Has close ties with the supply manager
  • Considers bringing up two sons her main achievement
Sergey Sakerin | Dubberai

Sergey Sakerin

Whisk Maker

  • ЗThroughout his time with the company, he has made more than 50 thousand whisks and developed more than a dozen calluses
  • Served in Nagorno-Karabakh, therefore, he knows how to handle not only a whisk, but also a gun
  • A man of conservative views, he will never change a button phone to a smartphone